Introduction of hibino

Hello! Hibino staff♪

Starting today, I will start blogging on hibino!

We would like to provide a wide range of information, from detailed information on the items handled by hibino, information that may be useful to everyone, and staff stories!

I would be happy if you could see it ✨

First of all, let me introduce hibino!

hibino is an ethical shop that opened in Meguro in February 2021 .

Based on the owner's own experience, it is a select shop that collects only organic , ethical , and sustainable items that were created with the desire to use things that are kind to the body and the earth.

In addition, we focus not only on the goodness and quality of the items actually used, but also on the “thoughts” of the brand that made the item.

What kind of person makes it, what kind of thoughts do you want, and what kind of person do you want to use it?

We handle only items that are linked with hibino's thoughts on the brand's wonderful thoughts.

hibino is

  • body-friendly
  • something that can be used forever
  • environmentally friendly

We have mainly skin care, food, and daily necessities with timeless charm under the three themes.

In addition to the experience of the item itself, we also have the items of brands that we think are wonderful in terms of the concept and story of the makers who make them.

For that reason, until now, we only dealt with e-commerce, but there are some items in hibino that you can pick up directly for the first time at hibino!

We hope you will enjoy encountering new items.

From the next article, we will introduce the staff including the store manager, and tell you about hibino items recommended by the staff!


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