A select shop that makes everyday life happy

hibino is an ethical shop in Meguro that has items that are close to your daily life, mainly skin care, food, and daily necessities.

Under the three themes of "body-friendly," "long-lasting," and "environmentally-friendly," we carry items that the owners and staff have actually used and thought are really good. increase.

Skin care, food, and daily necessities are the most familiar items in our daily life, so we have selected comfortable items using high-quality materials.

Carefully using your favorite things for a long time is an action to protect the environment.
We want you to feel the happiness of choosing and choosing things that are good for your body, mind, and environment.
We want you to enjoy encountering items that you want to give to yourself or your loved ones.

It is a select shop where you can meet and pick up things that make your "daily" life full of happiness.

concept of hibino

Good for your body

We want to be very particular about the raw materials used by important people.
One of the standards is to be “friendly to the body”, including organic products.
For example, we handle items that babies can accidentally put in their mouths, and items that are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

something that can be used forever

We sell items that can be used for a long time instead of throwing them away, and aim to be a store that is loved by parents and children across generations.
From the era of mass consumption, we will continue to send out a shift change to "sustainable / ageless".

environmentally friendly

Based on the premise of creating a store that is rooted in the community, we will consider the global environment as well as the people in the neighborhood.
We embody “ethical/social benefits” and aim to be a “place of relaxation” for everyone.

Products carefully selected based on three keywords are lined up,
You can meet the feelings of production areas and producers, connections between people, reliable manufacturing, and new discoveries.
It is a shop filled with the thoughts of people who live comfortably and happily every day.