Q.Do you have holidays?

I have.

We will inform you about monthly store holidays here.

Q.Is there a parking lot/bicycle parking lot?

is not. Please use nearby parking lots and bicycle parking lots.

Q.Can pets enter the store?

Pets are allowed up to the entrance.

There is a pet holder, so please use it.

Q.Can I use a credit card or electronic payment?


In the online store, you can choose from credit card payment, cash on delivery payment, and account transfer.

At the store, you can pay by cash, various credit cards, transportation electronic money, and QR code payment.

Available credit cards and QR code payments are as follows.

In the case of VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, PayPay, LINEPay, Rakuten Pay, MelPay, d payment, and cash on delivery, a prescribed payment fee will be charged.

In the case of bank transfer, the customer is responsible for the transfer fee.

Q.Can you issue a receipt?


For purchases made at the online store, please add "receipt request" in the inquiry column of the order procedure.

Please tell us that you will issue a receipt for purchases made at the store.

Q.Is it possible to register multiple shipping addresses?

Registration is possible.

Please operate from the shipping address list on My Page or add shipping address on the product purchase page.

Q.Can I cancel an online order?

You can cancel your order before the product is shipped.

If you wish to cancel, please contact us at contact@hibino-jp.com with your "order number".

Cancellation after shipment is not possible.

Can I change the delivery date or delivery address after confirming the online order?

If you wish to make any changes, please contact us at contact@hibino-jp.com and be sure to include your "order number".

Changes cannot be made after the product has been shipped.

Q. Can I have different shipping addresses for one online order?

It is not possible to split the shipping address in one order.

If you have multiple shipping addresses, please separate purchases for each shipping address.

Will the products available at the store and online shop change?

We have many products that are only available in stores, so please come visit our store and try them out.

Do you have a product list or a catalog? We do not have a catalog, but we have a list of products available on our website.

For products that are only available in stores, please contact us via official LINE or by phone (03-6822-7674).

Do you support gifts? Yes.

Please add "gift wrapping" from the product list to your cart and place an order.

*Wrapping contents are prepared according to the number of products and size.

If you would like to check the finish, please contact us from the official LINE or contact@hibino-jp.com.

Is organic skin care safe for everyone? Organic skin care uses natural ingredients that are highly safe, but not everyone will have trouble.

If you have allergies, or if you are currently going to the hospital, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before using this product.

Is it possible to take pictures inside the store?

Can I post photos taken at the store on SNS? However, from the viewpoint of personal information protection, please refrain from posting images that include people. I have not received a reply email when I placed an order. Please contact us at contact@hibino-jp.com.

Please tell me the operating environment of the homepage

Google Chrome and Safari are recommended browsers.