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Tanba Toothpaste Gel EX

Tanba Toothpaste Gel EX

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◎ Product overview

A gel-like toothpaste made from 100% organic nata beans and natural herbs.

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In order to maximize the power of Koyama-en's own grown organic soybean extract, we have made it into a gel-type toothpaste.
Natural herbs such as rosemary, dokudami, hops, and chamomile cleanse your mouth.



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All ingredients

Glycerin (solvent), water (solvent), silica (cleaning agent), sorbitol (humectant), sodium chloride (flavoring agent), ethanol (solvent), BG (wetting agent), cellulose gum (clay modifier), PG (solvent), PEG-80 hydrogenated castor oil (soluble), tetrasodium pyrophosphate (PH adjuster), sodium citrate (PH adjuster), xylitol (sweetener), hydroxyapatite (base), peppermint oil (cooling agent), menthol (cooling agent), sucrose laurate (dispersing agent), (chlorophyllin/copper) complex (coloring agent), dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (flavoring agent), jack bean seed extract (wetting agent), houttuynia cordata extract (wetting agent), dried tea extract (wetting agent), nettle leaf extract (wetting agent), coltsfoot extract (wetting agent), horsetail extract (wetting agent), rosemary leaf extract (wetting agent), sage leaf extract (wetting agent), sage leaf extract (wetting agent) Yarrow extract (wetting agent), honeysuckle leaf extract (wetting agent), European birch leaf extract (wetting agent), hop extract (wetting agent), fennel fruit extract (wetting agent), mistletoe leaf extract (wetting agent)

◎ About the brand

Koyamaen, which conducts research on the beans grown in the fields of Tanba together with a university institution and takes over the original seeds by self-collecting and makes tea, was selected as an excellent example of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries "5th Discover Treasures of Rural Villages."
Based on the concept of "I want people who are important to me to pick it up", we organize a farmer group and deliver Tamba Natamame products that are centrally managed from cultivation to processing to commercialization to consumers.
Threaded beans are said to have anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties, and are said to be a model of "Jack and the Beanstalk".

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