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Tretes, a little condiment, dried grains of garlic

Tretes, a little condiment, dried grains of garlic

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◎ Product overview

Freeze-dried garlic flavoring that dissolves in water

◎ commodity details

A handy freeze-dried condiment made with pesticide-free garlic.
The condiments are finely chopped with a traditional stone mill and freeze-dried as they are.

It dissolves in a small amount of water and can be used for cooking as it is. You don't need any troublesome preparation, and you can add it quickly when you want another taste.
You can feel free to take the medicinal effect of condiments.


30g (approximately 75 grains included)

◎Recommended usage

Please use it for pasta dishes, ajillo, garlic toast, boiled dishes, stir-fried dishes, etc.

◎Country of origin


◎ Main ingredients

Garlic, corn starch

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